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I don’t actually do a lot of Facebook searches, so it’s nice to have it at the top of my recent searches.

Even if it did drop down a couple spots, any time I tap on it, it would come right back to the top of my searches. Hopefully this tip helps speed up the process of getting to the Most Recent view of your Facebook feed until Facebook actually listens to us and adds a setting to make it permanent.

NOTE: I know, I know…it’s not the ideal solution that we want where Facebook adds a setting to our profiles and asks us whether we prefer to view our feed as Top Stories or Most Recent.

Unfortunately, we have little control over what features Facebook gives us as options.

The Facebook news feed algorithm attempts to figure out which posts you most want to see.

Hopefully that helps those of you who like to see the most recent posts from your friends and family!

If you do that, it auto-fills “most recent posts” and clicking that takes you to the Most Recent view of your timeline. Once you do that, it saves “most recent posts” at the top of your recent searches.

That means, you can simply click on the search bar and then click on the top item in your recent searches and it gets you there in two taps.

You can click on the “ALL” button if you only want to prioritize friends or Pages.

Select the best friends you want to see at the top of your news feed!

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