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The steps are the same as in the case of photon survival.

On average, how much time will pass before a radioactive atom decays?

Let's look further at the technique behind the work that led to Libby being awarded a Nobel prize in 1960.

Ian Garbett lectures in applied radiation/radiological physics within the Medical Radiation Science courses at Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga NSWAustralia.Again, we find a "chance" process being described by an exponential decay law.We can easily find an expression for the chance that a radioactive atom will "survive" (be an original element atom) to at least a time t.In his article Light Attenuation and Exponential Laws in the last issue of Plus, Ian Garbett discussed the phenomenon of light attenuation, one of the many physical phenomena in which the exponential function crops up.In this second article he describes the phenomenon of radioactive decay, which also obeys an exponential law, and explains how this information allows us to carbon-date artefacts such as the Dead Sea Scrolls.

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