Enema chat Virgo man in love dating flirting with capricorn woman

She had a loving relationship with her husband Adam, her children had just left home to go to good colleges, and their 20th anniversary was coming up. Added to the fires she set in his buns, was the humiliation of having four cute young...

Read On Added: | Category: Spanking | Avg Score: 4.8 | Words: 4,172 | Tags: spanking f/m fem dom enema | 2 Comments Olivia gets an enema and so much more We became online friends.

Read On Added: | Category: Spanking | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 3,522 | Tags: spanking fem dom f/m enema | 2 Comments A married woman wants something special from Janice and Charles.

This is a transcript of my chat with Gena, a lovely young woman who volunteered to have sex with my husband, to humiliate me and help me to earn his respect.

She told me her husband wanted to try something new-enemas, and she wanted to be prepared beforehand.

I opened my front door to see her standing there (the beauty that she was) carrying a bag.Seems Charley had disrespected Miss Abby’s dear friend, Amanda, when he went to her beauty shop to be fitted for a hairbrush.His mistress, Miss Abby, had been spanking Charley’s ass for a few weeks now, all under the guise of allowing him to take pleasures with her body....Her interest had been piqued by enema scenes that I had included in my stories.She admitted that she had never had anything “back there” before. I was a few minutes late and apologized to Mary Elle the owner.

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