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If you'd like to subscribe or get more information, see the list's Yahoo groups web page.

COUPLES-L is a moderated list that focuses on "significant relationships, with topics encompassing sex, love, romance, and partner dynamics." Send usual subscription request to [email protected] CYBER-BUTCH-FEMME is "a space where women/lesbians identifying as Butch or Femme can join with others and discuss issues and day-to-day events." More information is available at the Cyber-Butch-Femme web site. DD-LL (Deaf Dykes - Lipreading Lesbians) provides a supportive online community for lesbians and bisexual women who have a significant hearing loss.

BUTCH-FEMME is a list for butches and femmes and butch-femme relationship discussions.

More information is available at the BUTCH-FEMME web page.

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For more information or to subscribe, see the Fem PTheory Queer web page.FICTIONS is a virtual book discussion group for lesbians and bisexual women interested in all kinds of fiction, with a slight preference for the contemporary period.List members may propose books to be read for group discussion, or simply post comments about whatever they are currently reading.To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE APLB to [email protected] ASEXUALITY-L is a list created by the National Women's Studies Association's Asexuality Interest Group for people who study asexuality from feminist and queer perspectives. Subscription messages (SUB BIACT-L Your Name) should be sent to [email protected] For more information or to subscribe, go to the Yahoo BIRACIALLESBIANS web page.To join, go to You can also subscribe by sending a message to [email protected]

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