Eharmony dating review

Unlike many dating sites, e Harmony does not allow you to search for other singles. One other note: e Harmony does not cater for same-sex couples.

This starts off with questions about you and your lifestyle (how much do you drink, how many kids do you have) and then moves onto questions about likes/dislikes.

It also asks you the age and location of your ideal partner. It’s essentially a long list of personality traits which you are asked to ‘agree’ or ‘disagree’ with.

The questions are very simple, and all look a bit like this: Clearly the idea is to build a profile of you in order to match you up with like-minded people.

This founding gives a hint about e Harmony’s main selling point. There are now many sites that boast an algorithm to match you with other singles, however it was arguably e Harmony that pioneered this scientific approach.

As their tagline says, they aim to be the ‘Brains Behind the Butterflies’. Well, the track record (19 years and counting) speaks for itself.

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