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Although he began cross-dressing in his teens, and still continues to do so, Eddie is heterosexual. "' Cause I'm choosy and someone else will be choosy." He added: "Yeah, it's difficult to get everything working perfectly." When not working and performing, Eddie is a very keen runner.Last year, he confirmed he is single when asked about his relationship status. In 2009, he ran around the UK to raise money for Sport Relief.Eddie Izzard was appointed to the Labour National Executive Committee (NEC) after controversial Labour official Christine Shawcroft resigned amid allegations of anti-Semitism.She said: “It is clear that my continued membership of the NEC has become a distraction for the party.Driver has never revealed the identity of the father of her child, so this all remains idle speculation.But this week, the two women who have helped him to succeed – brunette musician Sarah Mc Guinness and blonde director Sarah Townsend – were revealed not only to be the same person but also Eddie’s ex-girlfriend."You could do certain big cities but you wouldn't really get through.I want to get through." Eddie keeps details of his personal life strictly private. If you're trans[vestite] and you're touring a lot, it's difficult to put it together.

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Transgender hero Eddie Izzard has done standup in French and For someone who was dealt an early lesson about the fragility of life, his.“I reaffirm my complete opposition to anti-Semitism and my abhorrence of Holocaust denial, and support all measures to tackle this within the party.” Because he finished second in a January NEC election, he took her place by default.Although his parents were English, he was born in the Colony of Aden, Yemen.2007 - Present The two were co-stars on the television series "The Riches," and some sites claim that a romance was sparked between the two.Some even claim that Izzard is the father of Driver's son, Henry, born in 2008.

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