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People will quickly assume the other person is your ex.And they’re likely to find it a bit inappropriate and even downright lazy.You should be flirting at your next date, the one who’s looking at your shots right now – not the guy or girl standing slightly off-camera.Especially for the ladies, flirting directly to the camera actually works very well.

The shots will be technically brilliant and will show you at your absolute best.4.

Otherwise, stick to solo shots – without orphaned arms or ears, please! Goofy poses You might have pictures of yourself poking your tongue out, riding a unicorn, or dressed up as Edward Scissorhands.

Sure, they’re hilarious – but it’s probably better to save them for another time.

Too much Photoshop It’s fine to enhance your photos a little.

You can improve the exposure, get rid of that stray hair or remove the stain on your t-shirt. It will be obvious if you use Photoshop too much and potential dates may think you are untrustworthy. Cut out your ex Don’t cut other people out of your pictures.

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