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I'm working on an (admittedly aging) 2009 MBP, for reference.I downloaded Android Studio and commenced making a dummy project to follow a tutorial.Maven is a command-line tool for building Java (and other) programs.The Maven project provides a simple ZIP file containing a precompiled version of Maven for your convenience. It's up to you to set up your prerequisites and environment to run Maven on Windows. from Oracle's download site), and you should install it to a pathname without spaces, such as Firewall and Anti-virus sometimes prevent Java from running properly, or Windows Firewall (and various other Firewalls) actively prevent from reaching out to the Internet to "download stuff" which is a key part of Maven.If you suspect that the result is not correct, close the "Dependency View" view manually (using the X icon on top right corner) then try again. Clicked 'view package dependencies' on one of the packages - blank window Clicked 'view package dependencies' on a project - eclipse hangs for a few minutes (spinning wheel), then becomes unresponsive This is a rather large project, but I cannot wait minutes for this to happen without eclipse Uninstalled.Please let me know if you still have problems with it. Frustrated This version of the tool has two serious weaknesses that make it impossible to use effectively.One weakness is that the menu actions ("View class dependency" and "View package dependency") are executed in the eclipse UI thread.

*Requires Eclipse Marketplace Client")Receiving these errors when installing: No repository found containing: osgi.bundle,org.core, No repository found containing: osgi.bundle,org.layouts,"View Class Dependency" menu item is to show dependencies between *selected* classes.

Another weakness is that the initial layout algorithm chosen seems to be "show all nodes jumbled together". It is not enough to show just any layout and leave the user with no options to continue. Plug-in "org.freejava.dependencyviewer" was unable to instantiate class "

Dependency View" Have you found an alternative in the meanwhile?

Visit Stack Exchange but it will download maven and then install it..

Since I may need to install maven on a few systems downloading it each time won't be a better option for us.

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