Duncan james dating

Since then, he has been pretty discreet in an attempt to keep his gay flings in the shadows.

Duncan James is an English singer, actor and television presenter.

Estimated Net Worth in 2019 approximated as Million Approx At the age of 15 he played Puck in A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

He played Dr Watson in Sherlock Holmes for Sidmouth Youth Theatre.

English singer Duncan James went through a storm of insecurities while accepting himself as gay and even had his heart broken by his companion who was supposed to support him.

But he soon identified himself to the world and came out with a new boyfriend. Duncan James is known by many as a member of the boy band.

pic.twitter.com/azt UE6r DG1— Duncan James (@Mr Duncan James) July 19, 2019James has 14-year-old daughter Tianie-Fin from a previous relationship.

Blue split up in 2005 each member working on solo projects though a duet by James and Keedie I Believe My Heart, from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Woman in White, had already come out in England in 2004.He shared an adorable snap on Twitter of them cuddled up; confirming their relationship.Clicked on a Daily Mail article about Duncan James & his new boyfriend to find all the comments were really positive and heartwarming. (@GNRTNWhy Me) July 21, 2019James had long been afraid to come out of the closet but is now “happy in my skin” and “proud to be gay” after finding love with his muscular new boyfriend.And while he thinks that a lot of gay people would be put off by the thought of sleeping with a woman, Duncan still finds women attractive and finds it comfortable to be with a guy as well.Soon after revealing about his struggles and insecurities about coming out as gay on the panel in July 2017, Duncan showed up at the launch of Camden’s hotspot Gabeto restaurant with his tall and bulky boyfriend.

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