Dropbox not updating files mac

Whether we’re sharing documents between devices, uploading photos directly from our camera, or emailing large files to friends, it all just works—seamlessly and effortlessly.All I want to do is move my files out of dropbox into my ordinary device storage.Since it supports a wide range of platforms like i OS, Android, Windows, Mac, and so on, it lets us sync our data across different platforms as well.Ideally, 2 GB of space is available for free on Dropbox for every user.I assumed it would essentially work just like Dropbox, and that my documents would be kept synced between my i Mac and my Mac Book.But it doesn't seem to work consistently, and I'm worried I'm going to suffer data loss as a result.) I did put folders and files in dropbox - kind of back up - but they remain the same although the corresponding PC files have been altered many times. I thought it was great when Mac OS Sierra moved my entire Documents folder to i Cloud Drive.

Yet something is happening — if I create a file on one machine, it will appear on the other, but often won't get updated if I change it.If there is a cloud next to an item, it means it still needs to upload.You should also see a kind of pie icon next to the main i Cloud Drive entry in your finder sidebar which will help you trace what is yet to upload.I found this post and it seems that if you close dropbox, delete the ~/.dropbox directory and restart dropbox you’ll get the account linking screen again and dropbox will index everything and make sure that your local Dropbox directory match the online one.It took a while but all the files are safely transferred to Dropbox now.

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