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The resolution should be supported by the SVGA mode, so the recommended is 320x240, 640x480, 800x640.

To allow live migration of guests from QEMU version 2.8.0, to QEMU version 2.9.0, the 2.9.0 version must support the “pc-i440fx-2.8” and “pc-q35-2.8” machines too.To create a device which is not created automatically and set properties on it, use - as a string of drive letters.Valid drive letters depend on the target architecture. QEMU uses the PC BIOS from the Seabios project and the Plex86/Bochs LGPL VGA BIOS. QEMU uses GUS emulation (GUSEMU32 by Tibor "TS" Schütz.Note that, by default, GUS shares IRQ(7) with parallel ports and so QEMU must be told to not have parallel ports to have working GUS. For architectures which aim to support live migration compatibility across releases, each release will introduce a new versioned machine type.

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