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A tree falls on the mine and a freak cold snap blows in and she almost freezes to death before Wolf, Sully and Dr. Meanwhile, racial tensions in town reach a boiling point when Hank accuses Grace of food poisoning and Robert E. When Sully arrives after being away praying to the spirits for forgiveness, Dr. The neurologist is delayed because a flood has washed a bridge out and he won't be arriving until next week. Mike is forced to perform the dangerous brain operation on Brian, while the Reverend, Jake and Grace assist.Meanwhile, Sully, Robert E., and Matthew start to build the schoolhouse and more and more townspeople join in to help. Mike goes to the building site and informs everyone that the surgeryappears to have been a success. Mike wakes up the next morning, she discovers Brian is not in his bed and finds him outside looking at the schoolhouse.Doc Eli Jackson (Robert Culp), a Civil War surgeon turned medicine-show huckster, arrives in town with his Kickapoo Indian act and cure-all bottled elixir. Mike calls his bluff and says he is exploiting and hurting people not helping them. Mike says she has a tumor on her ovary and needs surgery. Hank says she can’t because she is still under contract with him to provide “services” at the brothel. The Cooper children plan a surprise party for her and conspire to find her a proper suitor to help ease her loneliness. Mike's dies of septicaemia after getting a shave from Jake, and she accuses him of infecting the man with a dirty razor. Finally she realizes that Jake must be the one to want to stop drinking. Mike thinks the townspeople are talking about her being an old maid. After reading romance stories with her friend, Colleen develops a teenage crush on Sully after he pulls her out of the path of a runaway wagon. Hank turns up at Grace's cafe and she makes him ask properly before she serves him, although he stops short of an apology. When Brian and Sully are out hiking, Brian climbs a tree and jumps out to show him he could fly like the eagle in Sully's story. Later, the townsfolk argue over who will build the new schoolhouse and Matthew wants Robert E. Jake and Loren are tapped for the job, and Robert E. Brian begins to exhibit symptoms of brain compression, which starts off by blurred vision and quickly escalates to blindness and later, a coma. Mike wants to treat him, but Sully tells her to let him go. Mike tells the townspeople Brian has a subdural hemorrhage.Feeling guilty and responsible, Jake goes on a drinking binge. Hank stirs up racial hatred against Grace, and Grace is angry that Robert E. Imagining herself as a damsel in distress and Sully as her knight in shining armor, Colleen purposely sets out to get lost in an abandoned mine and leaves a letter for Sully, hoping he will rescue her. She asks Horace to send a telegram to Boston General Hospital to seek a neurology specialist for advice. Matthew then wants to start building the school because it was the last thing Brian wanted.Sully is a reclusive loner who befriended the neighboring Cheyenne and adopted their ways following the death of his wife and daughter during childbirth in 1865. Mike his abandoned homestead to live in and she accepts. Mike to help with a difficult delivery, and she successfully performs a “radical” cesarean section. Mike begins to have more success with the townspeople as a female doctor, but continues to experience hardships and has trouble winning the hearts of the Cooper children. She is hurt and upset by a discouraging letter from her mother which she shares with the Cooper children who finally realize she will be a loving mother and raise them properly. A surprise visit at the homestead by Sully on Christmas Eve shows Dr.(He is also a sensitive hunk who throws a mean tomahawk.) Charlotte helps Dr. Charlotte is bitten by a rattlesnake and on her deathbed asks Dr. After the army carries out a vicious surprise attack on the Cheyenne, Sully brings the grievously injured Chief Black Kettle to the homestead, and Dr. Mike that she has found her place in the new frontier and inherited a loving family.Eventually, Miss Olive drops the charges and tells Matthew and Jon they are going to work off the cow.

Mike had gotten during the recent influenza outbreak. While mending fences, Jon comments on the number of cattle Miss Olive has. The town needs a sheriff to handle the charge of cattle rustling, and Kid Cole reluctantly accepts the job. Mike that stealing the cow was his idea and he helped Jon slaughter the cow. Mike offers to pay for the cow, but Olive refuses the money.A vindictive Loren considers repossessing the property as he still blames Sully for Abagail’s death and destroying his plans for her to marry someone else. Sully offers to speak to the buffalo hunters, but ends up badly beaten and partially paralyzed after a run-in with them. Mike and they fight to help Sully regain the use of his legs.Colleen feels rejected by her friends when they ignore her. Mike decides she'd rather raise the child herself than turn him over to an orphanage. Mc Call asks for the baby back and decides to call him Mike. Thaddeus Birch passes himself off as the railroad's advance man and swindles the townsfolk out of the deeds to their properties. Mike unmasks the con man's plan and saves the town.Episodes typically range from 43 to 48 minutes in length (without including commercials) with the exception of the pilot episode and a few other which are around 1 hr and 30 minutes in length. In total, 149 episodes were produced, plus two television movies which were made after the series was cancelled. Michaela "Mike" Quinn of Boston, Massachusetts watches their medical practice evaporate and decides she must go where she is needed.She answers an ad for a doctor in the Colorado territory, hoping to continue practicing medicine on her own despite her gender and mother's lack of support.

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