Double your dating man transformation review maine waterville senior dating

I didn’t really know what to expect with Cardarine, to be honest.Cardarine (GW-501516) is known for improving endurance, mainly.In addition to this, the added strength, energy, and libido were also great.

Very few to no side effects, very few to no worries.

In fact, according to studies, it increased endurance by over 200% compared to placebo. and to be honest, I definitely felt an increase in endurance.

This helped me go harder and longer in the gym, which was great. I got to eat a shit ton of food all the time, and as long as I hit my macros, I was gaining muscle and losing fat.

In fact, it almost got to be a bit much at times, because I had to eat so damn much to keep up with my gains.

I felt the SARMs kick in within a day or two, which was awesome.

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