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When I go into a city and teach an introductory weekend workshop, the group usually develops a buzz of excitement about the tools and ideas they have just mastered, but at the end I remind them, “I leave tomorrow.Who here knows a local resource you can recommend to everyone, a person in the healing profession— whether a physician, a massage therapist, or someone simply with a shingle on the door— who brings an energy medicine perspective to their practice and to whom you would refer a loved one with a serious illness?Please do not participate in or encourage piracy of copyrighted materials in violation of the authors’ rights. Published simultaneously in Canada Most Tarcher/Penguin books are available at special quantity discounts for bulk purchase for sales promotions, premiums, fund-raising, and educational needs. Let the body think of the Spirit as streaming, pouring, rushing, and shining into it from all sides.

In these past ten years we have received thousands of notes and emails describing the way this book alone was key in overcoming a challenging health condition.

Madison King has been the kind of student who comes back to inspire her teacher. My agent, Susan Schulman, has provided wise and empowering counsel.

The institutional support of Innersource and its friends, particularly Laleah and Hugh Bacon, Dorothy Lamb, Winn Frankland, Ling Chin, and Rodney Plimpton, are gratefully acknowledged.

The tens of thousands of students who have taught and studied energy medicine through Innersource have made contributions to my thinking and to this revision.

Of inestimable help and a source of joy has been the incredible Innersource administrative team, including Lori Kats, Leslie Adams, Katrina Hill, Jeffrey Harris, Vicki Matthews, Veronica Sanpere, Sherry Rhea, Carrie Cento, Eric Stahlman, Frank Dowler, Cindy Haight, Julie Conley, and the amazing teaching faculty of our basic classes and our Energy Medicine Certification Program.

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