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Este serviço permite o compartilhamento de informações e materiais de trabalho.

Algumas empresas já aderiram a este serviço, principalmente as que precisam fazer reuniões entre a matriz e filiais ou reuniões com equipes em diferentes Estados.

So today's post is going to just be a couple links about some former Packers. When Gilbert asked him to spell his name, Gilbert looked dumb-founded when my friend said "hyphen" and then he proceeded to make a comma instead of a hyphen. In other Green Bay news, Packer legend Max Mc Gee passed away on Saturday.

The is reporting that Milwaukee's new arena football team named its new head coach: Gilbert Brown. A friend of mine once got Gilbert's autograph at a Hardy's. The 75-year old fell off his roof as he was cleaning out the gutter and I can't think of a worse way for a guy like Mc Gee to go out.

Pistas de dança de casas noturnas e festas; Tendas promocionais para shows e eventos; Backdrops Promocionais; Estrutura para decoração de festas; Stands Promocionais; Suportes de iluminação cenográfica; Pódios de premiação esportiva; Banners de fundo para entrevistas coletivas; entre outros.

Leia Mais A MEGA EVENTOS possui computadores, notebooks, IPads e impressoras de diversas configurações para atender o seu evento com qualidade e eficiência.

A Mega, em parceria com a Pepper Eventos, de São Paulo, participou do Encontro Nacional da EDP, que aconteceu na última sexta-feira, dia 06, no Centro de Convenções de Vitória. O teleprompter possuí um uso vidro especial, semi-espelhado, posicionado de forma inclinada, que faz papel de espelho, para o texto que rola numa tela.

Para o público que fica mais distante, o pedestal e o vidro ficam imperceptíveis.

John The morning sun was peeking its nose over the palm trees on Sunset Boulevard and the still-lit neon lights of the Whiskey-a-Go-Go were almost surreal in the early morning glow of Jan. Max Mc Gee, wide receiver for the Green Bay Packers and man about town in every town he passed through, was saying good night and/or good morning - it all depended on your point of view - to three full-figured stewardesses, two in the fashion rage of the day - hot pants - and one in a mini-skirt."Ladies," Mc Gee went on, "it’s been a festival, as always. I only hope that I more than made up for the disappointment of Paul ," said the one in pink leather hot pants.

I've also been swamped at work, which is part of the reason I haven't posted in a while.

[The other part of the reason is that I'm totally boring and have nothing to post about].

Forty-five minutes later, Max Mc Gee was running a screen pattern through the lobby of the Hilton, using potted plants and pillars as his cover to avoid the one man he did not want to see - head coach Vince Lombardi...

O All-in-one, ou computador “tudo-em-um”, é ideal para acrescentar mais interatividade aos seus eventos.

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