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Your choice is either to lug around an extra full size propane cylinder, or spend a ridiculous amount of money on those small, non-refillable canisters. With a few basic items, or the simple purchase of a kit, you can create a DIY solution to this problem.Wouldn’t it be easier if you could simply tap into the onboard propane tanks you already carry on your RV? Take a look at both this article for DIY instructions, and this video for directions on how to modify your grill for an existing RV propane quick connect.It all combines and intertwines, lurching backwards and then inching forward, painting a picture of who we are individually and collectively.

For more instructions take a look at this article on They provide shelter from the hot summer sun and turn our outside space into a cozy little room. Things like a fun set of flamingo shaped lights, or large colorful paper lanterns.

The first room was a swimming pool filled with sp...

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