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Meanwhile, welcoming the Chicks into her squad would give Swift a chance to earn cred with a segment of the audience that doesn’t hear much for them in a song like “ME!In addition to the ,503 total monthly support Pasdar is requesting from Maines, he is also asking for her to pay his 0,000 attorney’s fees.”: “you can’t spell awesome without me”), she repeats the line at the end of the next verse, accompanied by a tighter shot with a much better look at that Dixie Chicks portrait.After the video dropped, the Texan country trio tweeted at the star:.

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And the idea of a country star dabbling in pop trends is no longer necessarily considered courageous.(Beyoncé doesn’t take most artists’ calls when they ask her to sit in with them, you know?) Working with Swift would be good for introducing the Dixie Chicks to fans who mostly think of them as a legacy act from their parents’ generation (albeit one with a surprising amount of indie respect).The entire bro-country movement was predicated on cribbing from mainstream hip-hop, and the contemporary country landscape is littered with pop-flirting tunes, including Carrie Underwood and Keith Urban's electro-kissed "The Fighter," and Thomas Rhett and Maren Morris' sleek "Craving You." (Once again, women kicked the door open and men are reaping the rewards.) Modern country women especially carry on the Dixie Chicks' legacy of stubborn originality and commitment to rebellious tradition.Cam's galloping latest single, "Diane," echoes Dolly Parton's mainstream nods; Miranda Lambert's is a testament to the Dixie Chicks' singularity, and how lucky we were that such a bold record made mainstream inroads.

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