Disadvantages of dating a married man

Knowing who and what you are to them will be much easier not catching feelings The disadvantage of having a sugar daddy is being with an older man that your not attracted to.

sharing your time with a person who is most likely sharing time with other babies or his wife.. No downsides unless you care about people calling you a whore (lmao f*ck them tho this sh*t glorious). When I’m with someone, I want to be able to post what I’m doing and as someone who has family and friends that don’t agree or support being a sugar baby, I can’t. In a way it’s a turn on, but some days it’s genunely exhausting. Hes older, hotter, more settled down, less hot headed, richer, sweeter, and more understanding than guys our age.I think if you are a fully emotional person than bring a sugar baby isn't for you. You're not going to be bringing a sugar daddy home to mom or dad either. They're will always be another sugar daddy to pick. Remember this is a business agreement , you are being paid for your 'services' .You need to understand that some of these men will not care to spend the rest of your lives together. So basically if you are a super emotional person, I don't think this is a good and idea for you There are many ups and downs to dating sugar daddies but some of the downs trump everything good about the process so it’s improtant to be decisive on who you choose. Understand your SD is not obligated to care for your personal issues or even care for your feelings as some SD's are very narcissistic .

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