Did ed westwick dating leighton meester

It seems that Jess and Vanessa are very much alike; they both take the wrong path and lose the ones they love. However, their relationship did not last long, as in 2012 Ed confirmed that he is single.

Ed Westwick was single for some time as he and Jess broke up on May 2010, but on the first quarter of the year 2011, Ed Westwick and his new girlfriend Phoebe Tonkin was spotted together. Ed Westwick later was spotted with his former girlfriend Jessica Szohr, they were seen doing grocery shopping and eating sandwiches together.

Jessca Szohr and Ed Westwick became a thing in a real life from 2009- 2010.

Ed westwick and his girlfriend was spotted by paparazzi’s doing everything together, they looked great as a couple.

Dear Ted: What can you tell us about the news that Dianna Agron is dating Sebastian Stan? Agron (who looks like she moves fast in that department)? Can't say I'm surprised; he seems like more a play-the-field kind of d-bag. Dear Ted: Thank you for your article promoting that Casey Anthony just I could not agree more.

Dear Stagron: As of now, the rumors surrounding the Agron and Stan dating business are proving to be true. We do not need to hear more from this person, nor do we need to promote her any further, or turn her into some sort of a "celebrity." It sickens me that she would (or, likely, will) try to gain off her daughter's death.

Personal life of this great actor is as much colorful as his filmography.

I personally plan to avoid anything this person tries to promote.

She is toxic and it turns my stomach just to think that she avoided years of jail time.

Gossiper: Leighton and Garrett may have had the trailers rocking a bit during filming (and maybe a few times afterward), but they are both free birds at the moment.

And as for Chair's real-life counterparts, Leighton and Ed have some serious sparks onscreen, obvi, but sadly, the chemistry ends there.

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