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The target can be either local to each host or point to a centralized repository of VM Tools on a shared datastore.For more information about setting up a shared Tools repository, see this earlier post or KB 2004018.This patch is then pushed out to all managed hosts according to baselines established by administrators.Once this occurs, individual VMs will begin to detect that a new version of VM Tools is available and will be eligible for update.Recall from the previous post that there are three types of VM Tools – the familiar Tools ISOs for all supported operating systems, plus two additional offerings in the form of binary packages for Linux.

In many cases, this will result in one additional reboot after VM Tools installation completes.

A previous article provides an overview of the three types of VM Tools.

Recall that each ESXi host has a storage location for VM Tools installers, which is a configurable option and visibly referenced by the /product Locker symlink.

This approach may be viable for less-critical workloads, perhaps labs or test/dev environments.

Imagine a scenario where VMs are rebooting unexpectedly due to a widespread infrastructure outage. Initiate update to one or more VMs through the v Sphere UI In the v Sphere Web Client, when a VM indicates that VM Tools are outdated an adjacent button can be used to automatically initiate an update.

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