It actually perfectly matches our other RV plumbing fixtures used in the bathroom and kitchen sinks.The only negative thing I can report is the stream flow valve doesn’t completely shut down the water flow and dribbles.In part three of my summer RV renovations, I tackle a couple very simple upgrades.First up is the installation of a light fixture in the under the bed storage area.The only thing I had to do was remove the old plumbers tape, clean the threads and apply some fresh tape to prevent any leaks.The head itself is very stylish with a nice brushed nickel appearance.This has been a long asked for addition by my lovely wife.


I may take my chances though and install myself a full inline shut-off valve. The water pressure was great and it was nice to have the precise flow control and spray patterns.

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The dome light came with a standard 1.5 amp incandescent type lamp so I swapped it out with a low current .35 amp LED lamp.

This is important because the magnetic reed switch is only rated for .5 amps. Now when the storage is opened the light comes on automagically. We’ve been extremely pleased with the Oxygenics Body Spa shower head I installed last summer.

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