Defining and validating transformations of uml models online dating advice for women over 50

Our concepts are illustrated by a running example of a model tranformation from statecharts to the process algebra Communicating Sequential Processes.

The Cert Ware workbench contributes several core modules supporting safety case models, and extends these with a service-based APIs for plugging new capabilities into the workbench for processing these models.

The prime objective of BRICS is to structure and formalize the robot development process itself and to provide tools, models, and functional libraries, which help accelerating this process significantly.The Hi Le S2 Framework was developed to aid the Embedded System Designers during the design process.The Hi Le S2 Framework purpose is to serve as a platform to create Embedded System Product Lines.Safecap is an Eclipse-based tool for entering and analysing railway junction schemas.The tool can be used for the analysis of control table for junction signals, assessment of capacity impact of signal positioning and train detection circuit boundaries, and also for conducting semi-automatic or automatic changes to schema topology or control tables.

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