Debian ddclient not updating

Aug 23 server ddclient[2096]: FATAL: On Red Hat, the package perl-IO-Socket-SSL must be installed.

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These mechanisms are explained in RFC 2136, and use the TSIG mechanism to provide security.

I have been trying to get ddclient to work on 7.2 but I can't.

The Windows updater works fine but I do not want my Windows machine to always be on. See Nick's append below - do as he suggests and let us know what is in the logs Also with a bit of research you would have found What happens when you follow this?

If the device needing DDNS sits behind a router, you should first check if the router itself can update any DDNS services.

Although the selection of services may be limited, there are several advantages to using the router: it will probably be easier to set up, will require little to no maintenance, and will have no downtime (if the router is down you will not have Internet anyway).

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