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She grew up in the south so she'll have that vibe to her.

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"I've been calling you my sister for years now but I am ecstatic that Joshua made it official," she wrote.

Talking with IBT, the 25-year-old actress opened up about what she’d like to see in the new season coming.

“[I'm] interested in exploring the places that Patty continues to look,” she says about the void that’s inside her.

The dad's a movie director and the mom is a supermodel, business mogul-type woman, so they have pretty swanky penthouse and a sweet life! One is adopted from Uganda, one from Detroit, Michigan, and one from India who was very recently adopted.

So you have different cultures and backgrounds, different ages, things they are going through, a seven-foot pet lizard, a butler who really doesn't want to do anything and a super hot doorman!

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