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chatted with Duchovny to get his thoughts on whether Hank and Karen will actually make it and why he originally envisioned a much more grim ending to the story.

Summer TV: Get scoop on on your favorite returning shows Were you satisfied with Hank and Karen's ending? To kind of end up in limbo or to end up apart didn't seem right to me They're not back together, but there's definitely hope.

That was strange to say goodbye to because we all went from obscurity to whatever it is we were at the end of it. We were trying to make ourselves laugh and if we made other people laugh when we were doing that, than that's the best job you can ever have.

I also think that having done that kind of intense 22- to 25-episode commitment for eight, nine years, everybody was too tired and ready and to move on. It's difficult to let go of, but after seven years of playing the same guy, you've pretty much done what you need to do. It's just my friends — the crew, the actors, Natascha, Pam, Evan, Maddie — I miss them all.

Marcy's not at her mother's, but at a rehab center to get the coke monkey off her back.Although Karen admits she hasn't been totally won over, she holds Hanks hand and eventually kisses him before the duo flies off into the sunset.But is the man behind Hank Moody satisfied with the show's ending?I think he's been a very interesting, great father to Becca.[He's] definitely not conventional but a guy who has been very honest with his daughter and tried to instill in her the value of honesty and lack of hypocrisy, which I admire.

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