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A move to Los Angeles in 2004 brought on more theatre, including a production of "The Woolgatherer", in which she directed Anne Dudek (a regular on Mad Men (2007)/Big Love (2006)) and David Dayan Fisher (a regular on 24 (2001)/NCIS (2003)) to great reviews.

She then landed her first US movie role as the manipulative, born-again Christian, "Stacy", in Headspace (2005).

Hayley has been a Ninjago fan since 2012 and a Ninjagocast fan since 2017. She is known for campaigning in 2018 for fans to #watchninjagolive.

This was necessary because many fans only watch the show when it leaks and fail to support the official release in their country.

For her performance, she was awarded three Best Actress awards, including Total Film's Frightfest Award and Fright Meter's.

As the female lead in the BBC political comedy, Bob Servant Independent (2013), starring Brian Cox, she played the professionally critical "Philippa Edwards", a very different sort of scary.

A few months later, Hayley returned to Ninjagocast for its 24th episode, discussing set reveals.

In festival darling, Love Eternal (2013), she plays the female lead as a suicidal grieving mother.

In the raucous Filth (2013), she played opposite James Mc Avoy and Jamie Bell, in the adaptation of Irvine Welsh's balls-out novel as the lusty Size Queen.

GQ simply stated "stunning Pollyanna Mc Intosh is an enormously talented actress".

Como Quien No Quiere La Cosa (2013) (As if you Don't Like it!

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