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Justin Bieber may be falling for Ariana Grande, but sources say that their hook-up really is just a strategic publicity gimmick on Grande’s part.According to our insiders close to Ariana’s camp, “Ariana couldn’t care less about Justin Bieber.She knows that he likes her and she uses him to create headlines and stay in the news – but at the end of the day all she cares about is herself and her career.It’s sad because Justin seems to really like her, but their relationship is 100% one-sided.

But, after hooking up with rapper Big Sean, more artists began to take her seriously and rap fans began to take notice of her too.Currently, the company’s store includes everything from love calendars to sexy date ideas for every season.There is nothing wrong with sharing sexual wellness tips, but it absolutely seems strange coming from the likes of Jill Duggar.She promoted a company called Dating Divas in a series of stories.The posts informed fans of precisely what they would be getting if they signed up for the Dating Diva’s community.

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