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What matters most is finding love and joy in who I am in this moment & connecting with others who are doing the same.

Here’s to keeping your standards high and your expectations low, friends.

In order to notify the User about a successful transaction and activation of the Pro-account, a so-called Oraclize was used.

They are special contracts which provide interaction with the offchain services.

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Al vanaf het 1e bericht zat het me niet lekker en dat heeft ie dubbel en dwars waar gemaakt.

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The process of token purchase is tested in the Rinke By Test Net.The standard allows the token to be supported by different wallets and be listed on the exchange. In brief, the standard describes which functions and variables shall be in the contract. All the additional services are planned to be used on account of the chain of new smart contracts. The bot sends a link to the Web interface for purchasing the currency and the ID. In order to buy currency the User enters the ID and the number of Ethereum he wants to spend. The function of payment receipt in the Smart contract accepts this ID and records it in the blockchain.For convenience, there was written a Web interface – html-page where it’s possible to buy tokens. The Smart contract is performed in the Ethereum network. If the record in the blockchain succeeds, the Oraclize notifies the service.The contract was written in the Solidity language, you can find more detailed information about this language here.It’s important to make tokens according to the ERC-20 standard. As a first step, the team has elaborated the scenario of the purchase and use, the structure of the Smart contract (the amount of tokens, the rate of payment, how to use less gas and other parameters).

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