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Local consumer electronics retailer Gain City has launched Singapore's first talent search for the next top social media influencer.

Titled I Can Be An Influencer 2019, the top three stand to win a total cash prize of ,000.

The Miss Universe Singapore 2018 first runner-up said: "I get people telling me to go for surgery to change the way I look.

She will be teaching alongside Singapore Idol finalist-turned-mumpreneur Malaque Mahdaly and Tan Jun Jie, co-founder of online cooking channel The Meatmen.

"Most keyboard warriors want to make the target feel bad and there is no way I will allow myself to cave in to that." Despite the negatives, Miss Tiong said her online following is beneficial for her swimwear business Sorakini, and Instagram has become a platform to interact in a "real and genuine" way with those who attend her spin classes at Absolute You.

Ms Sylvia Chan, co-founder of You Tube channel and production house Night Owl Cinematics, which has attracted almost a million subscribers since it was established in 2013, acknowledged that some people, including herself, would rather be called content creators.

An influencer, she felt, dabbles in smaller-scale projects.

Ms Chan - who is also a director and producer who does scriptwriting, copywriting and editing - manages a crew of 35 workers such as graphic designers and video producers.

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