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They are introducing improved breeds of fish by establishing tilapia broodstock centers and facilitating cross-border movement of these elite fish…TAAT’s Orange-Fleshed Sweet Potato toolkit includes high yielding varieties rich in Vitamin A rapid dissemination of improved varieties proven management technologies integration with livestock systems and processing options with proven profitability.

TAAT’s cassava toolkit includes high yielding, disease resistant varieties and the multiplication systems needed to disseminate them opportunities for mechanization include machine stem planters and weeders diseases are identified through mobile apps…TAAT’s bean toolkit contains several new biofortified crop varieties including climbers application of legume inoculants and seed dressing; specially blended fertilizers and hermetic grain storage. Special attention is paid to modernizing traditional…This action operates through one of the TAAT Enablers (the FAW Compact) and is specifically intended to build the capacity to counteract the biological invasion of FAW across Africa.

The six (6) Enabler Compacts provides support services for soil fertility management, water management, capacity building and development, advocating supportive seed technology policy, mobilizing youth into agribusiness and organizing a response to the fall army worm invasion.

TAAT’s rice technology toolkit includes a diverse selection of improved rice varieties including biofortified “golden rice” Rice Advice decision support deep nitrogen placement mechanical weeders and the ASI thresher.

It is led by IITA with strong partnerships with several Advanced Institutes, starting with five piloting…TAAT’s sorghum and millet toolkit includes an array of new sorghum and millet varieties; water harvesting and fertilizer micro-dosing are essential accompanying technologies; sorghum and millet are processed into nutritious foods.

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The school feeding programmes (SFP) is a targeted safety net […] A new initiative by the African Development Bank (Af DB) is unleashing the potential and power of cassava across the African Continent, creating wealth and improving the livelihoods of farmers, and taking cassava to a new frontier.

The initiative—known as Technologies for African Agriculture Transformation (TAAT), is part of the Bank’s Feed Africa strategy that is […] A set of four high-yielding hybrid rice varieties with excellent grain quality have elicited strong interest from key stakeholders, especially seed companies and farmers.

The rice technology toolkits based upon the dissemination…TAAT’s maize toolkit includes an array of new maize varieties including those mobilized through the TEGO mechanism greater access to mechanization services and technologies that counter threats from parasitic striga, health-threatening aflatoxins…The TAAT wheat toolkit includes newly-released heat, drought and disease resistant varieties engineered irrigation raised bed culture management of stem rust mechanized planting and harvesting and compact milling systems.

The Wheat Compact is led by the International Center for…The fish technology toolkits serve to modernize fish farming with focus upon tilapia and African catfish.

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