Dating with iranian girls

One lives in government housing and I won’t be surprised if I hear her to have become a prostitute.

The other one works two jobs to support her husband and kids, and although her husband can’t work, but can beat her up almost nightly; I don’t see her often, but most of the time that I see her she is wearing sunglasses to cover the black eye that her husband has given her.

As to those Iranian girls who rejected him, we still see and hear about two of those girls.

The Marriage Story In University, I had this Iranian friend who was extremely nationalist and studied electrical engineering with me.Now, if these two women really were after rich, non-Iranian men, then what happened?This is a pattern that I see with many Iranian women.However, each time his wife opens the door, she is totally composed, dressed like hell, and waiting for his husband to come home.A delicious Lunch or dinner, whichever is the case, ready in minutes of her husband getting home.

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