Dating vintage gillette razors nick grimshaw dating 2016

It’s no surprise that people that are really into wet shaving (including myself) are really into the tradition of it – that sense of antiquity and history that comes from knowing we’re shaving like our granddad.

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Their importance lies in the important patents that they held in terms of various wet shaving technological advances; they were the first to produce butterfly razor heads, which was a major innovation and are most desired by collectors as well.

However, if you care about your shave, you won’t have any problem making the step up.

When using a safety razor, the technique is the same as when using a multi-bladed ninja robot razor.

When young men first encounter the idea of using a safety razor, they worry that they won’t be able to causally slap and drag a razor across their face without any of the consequences of a 80’s teen-scream movie.

What they’re really worried about is being careful – and if you don’t care about your shave, maybe a safety razor isn’t for you.

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