Dating very independent woman

For any relationships, be it with an independent woman or not, communication really is the key for a healthy, operational, and lasting romance. I may get into a tiff with someone at work or log into my bank account to find that the numbers are incorrect.

Although I really appreciate your support, I don't need you to step in for me.

Needing isolation to recharge or really just sort through the emotions and experiences of the week does not have a single thing to do with you, so if you can first disassociate our love for solitude and your conviction that it means we just don't want to hang out, you'll save us all a lot of unnecessary stress (It's really not you.

Relax.)If we've lost interest, you'll know, because we will have ended the relationship.

So thank you for loving me for who I am without trying to change my (sometimes frustratingly) independent lifestyle.

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There's simply nothing more infuriating than the good old "slowly ignore you until you get the hint" method, simply because a lot of people never do get the hint.

If you feel this way, sit down with me and we'll talk about it.

It may be that I'm stressed and trying to juggle a lot at once, so I come off as standoffish, or I may think that I would bother you by sharing what I have on my plate at the time. I like to actually try and balance work, education, social life, that alone time, and an intimate relationship even if it becomes exceedingly difficult sometimes.

You help me to loosen up and lean to be a little more co-dependent, and sometimes letting you take the reigns (I'll begrudgingly admit) is a relief.

I can take a break from a practical, structured list of daily tasks to relax and let loose with you, which in all honesty keeps me sane.

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