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You’ll know more after a second date.’ Intro Matchmaking, which Feargal founded with his wife Rena Maycock, is one of the biggest matchmaking agencies in the country, organising a hundred dates every week. Do not moan, moan and moan: ‘Keep the conversation light – do not talk about exes, do not talk about past relationships that went and do not come across angry or bitter.When prepping their clients for the first date, here are their top tips: No interviews: ‘In an attempt to establish a person’s suitability, we often bombard them with questions, making them feel like they’re at a HR conference rather than a lovely dinner date. The first meeting is not an opportunity for you to complain about your ex-wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend, your job, or other things that annoy you. Don’t go all suited and booted to a mediocre venue that doesn’t require it.If you’re the type of person who wants the long-term relationship, the marriage and the kids, you need to be committed to finding the right person.’ Don’t be an academic snob: ‘This is the biggest issue from women to men.There are a huge number of single, highly successful, highly educated women in this country but for every one woman who has third level education there is only 0.6 of an equivalent in men.For decades, many love stories started under the clock at Clerys on O’Connell Street.In a time when text messages and social media platforms were non-existent, it was the perfect pre-date meeting point and it holds a special place in the hearts of thousands of happily married Irish couples.Love isn’t as simple as that, you’re not buying a house or a product, you’re looking for a human with whom you want to spend the rest of your life with and so, you need to be approaching it with a very much open-minded, flexible, willingness to compromise attitude.

Leave the phone alone – it’s just rude.’ Be open to the split: ‘Men are ordinarily happy to treat the woman to a nice dinner but it’s important to be open to splitting the bill.Don’t be tight, don’t have the calculator on your phone ready as soon as the waiting staff set the bill down.Be fair and gracious.’ Be open and honest: ‘If you’re interested in the person, say it.They say (and insist) ‘’I’ve got a Ph D from Trinity College therefore I feel I’m only suited to men with the same qualifications as me’’.The thing is, there are men in this country who left school when they were 15 years-old, started a business and are now successful entrepreneurs.

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