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isn't it time you divert all that threatening idle muscles somewhere reasonable? In a statement also being circulated around Maiduguri, the sect has promised more attacks. each time he loses against Rafa, Djokovic or any top seed, he has more often than not been in front.

ogaju007: Listen to this Oyinbo on Nairaland ooo Its called a blog. By the way most people on this site don't reside in Nigeria fool !!! They also dared the State Security Service saying “the local people love us, they support us and the locals will never betray us because they believe in our cause, SSS we are not far away from you. The banning of motor cycles in Maiduguri and environs will not hinder or deter us.” hereby renounce my membership as Fed's fan until he wins another GS. He is probably in that final phase all accomplished athletes get to, so dont take the shine from him. i still respect it, his opponents still respect him too.

The regulation of the relationship between an employer and an employee is derived from 2 primary sources i.e. The contractual terms are either expressly stated in the contract of employment or they may be implied by statute, custom/practice, Staff Handbook and collective agreements.

It is trite law that where parties have entered into a contract or an agreement, they are bound by the provision of that contract or agreement as this is the whole essence of the doctrine of sanctity of contract.

Many have seen results and seemingly insurmountable circumstances turning around for good. True and unrepentable givers in churches or places around the world don't complain abt giving. Moreover who told you Oyedepo amass offerings for himself(see ignorance).

Do you think the church leadership is made of touts? Educated, highly profile individual and men with the fear of God.

silly Isayah says we are ranting here however he hasn't made any directional point na so so Grammar and calling people illitrate, Please guide us Isayah the RED INDIAN Ape lmao Revolva:@Iysayah Please i truly understand your pain toward Nigerians pls take it slow Ok, because if you try taking it to insult inocent Nigerians ovr here on the forum it wont help , Ok, stop caling us FOOLS, ok, After all its the white man that started all the greatest Confusion the world has ever experienced, Ok, from AIDS to religion.

You cant win that many grand slams without good footwork. moroever, Del has been off tennis for a while until recently.yeah, really tough tennis. anyway the girls need to go for FULL HIV/AIDS test. when kidnappers dont get what they wanted, they result to other means.

He will be busy enjoying more blessing and you will be here raining curses and insult. I will advise you to get educative materials published by him, rather than envying him and cursing him.

Practicing the instructions would change your life for good.

your illiterates give birth to thousands in poverty, poverty is ravaging over a 100 million, yet you would add to it terrorism?! The letter read in part “we give the school authorities till end of this month or before the beginning of Ramadan to release you all, if not something very bad will happen”.

co.wards shouting on blogs and doing nothing about its leadership. Though the authenticity of the letter cannot be verified, the University of Maiduguri authorities is not willing to take any chances.

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