Dating tavern mugs tankards

The company gave the pottery its own backstamp to differentiate it from Wade England, whose mark was an owl on the back of a hand.Wade Ireland was stamped 'Irish Porcelain Made in Ireland' with a picture of a shamrock.In 1966 Wade Ulster changed its name to Wade Ireland Ltd.

Offered in the traditional dinner plate size of 8 1/2 inch diameter. This set, new, would currently would retail for 0....

The pieces were decorated in black with a single burnt orange flower motif and leaf imprinting.

The English Wade and the Irish Wade pottery had their own property series issued in 1984-1987.

The Whimtrays in this collection depicted the husky, king penguin, polar bear cub, a duck, a fawn and the trout.

It is well known that Irish Wade pottery would lend a hand to English Wade when a large order was contracted.

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