Dating stood up Arbchat

They’re lucky to have a second chance at all and should be working within your schedule if they want to meet. It would be easy to say, “Never, ever talk again to anyone who stands you up! The decision has to be yours in the end and details like these can help you decide.

Two months of communication to never meet was something I hated to consider.

If your date has expressed concerns with meeting people using online dating then make your first date as stress free for them as possible.

Looking back, I believe Cathy found the idea of a short date where we took a walk and had a coffee together much more inviting than an hour of one-on-one time over a meal.

At this point, you are 100% in control and should set the date to whatever you’re comfortable with and to whatever works best for you.

For example, pick a coffee shop close to your place or suggest they meet you somewhere when you are already planning to be out. Did they show remorse when you challenged them on why they would stand you up?

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