Dating stanley router planes

The chisels needed very little work and feel well-balanced in the hand.

They took and retained a keen edge that lasted for many mortises and of course they were as shown, my favoured bevelled-edge chisels.

I do have a problem with what Bahco, Irwin Marples and others when they seemed to think that we woodworkers needed metal end caps so we could beat harder on the chisels and rubberized ergonomic grip inserts that peel off after a while so we can muscle them to the task of working wood. The Faithful chisels are more than adequate for any woodworker and so for less than about £16 you can have a good set of starter chisels that will last a lifetime and may in fact never need replacing.

I like wood too That said, I really do like wooden handles and quality wooden handles at that so I have a wonderful set of old Marples boxwood handled chisels, Robert Sorby chisels with the hexagonal London pattern handles and some made by Crown with Rosewood handles.

No one expects a £2.99 to £3.59 chisel to hold up and certainly plastic handles are still seen as lesser quality than wood.

Yes they are made in China, but in this case that’s not hidden behind an old Sheffield user name. I am sorry, I don’t think that they are available in the USA.The body is cast from Ductile Iron, a very strong alloy that will take a lot of abuse.These castings are fully stress-relieved, a process that removes inherent stresses and ensures that the tool will remain flat and true. The blade is O1 tool steel, hardened and tempered to Rockwell 60-62.You know that we used Narex chisels in the USA New Legacy School and Aldi chisels here in the UK.The Aldi chisels have proven to be excellent chisels and they were the very cheapest at £7.99 for a set of four and including a useless oilstone.

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