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Unfortunetly I didn't understand him until it was too late.When he told me about BPD I quickly went throught the book Stop Walking On Eggshells and thought to myself, he doesn't self multilate himself, is not suicidal and had what I thought was milder conditions of the rest of the criteria for a BPD. I would send emails that described what he was doing to me but he took those emails as personal insults of his life.I again was broken up with by John and not heard from him since. I have seen him walk by my house a few times, though not recently, and last week I had a note left for me at a bar I was at. I didn’t see him at the bar as he obviously came in looking for me but somehow he got the note which was written on a scrap of paper from the bar, placed beside me - sneaky. Now that I look back at the relationship and having read about BPD extensively the past few weeks all the signs were there.The jealousy of every person I was in contact with.Borderlines are really struggling like hell to fit in, do normal things and really get our heads around all sorts of things that sometimes trigger our inner demons.We just can't cope with the past/preset and the future. we just survive, thats all just cope with what we have do to in that moment, anything else is too much to handle.By the end of our relationship I had abandoned all of my friends from before my relationship with John because of John's jealousy and because I was afraid of a scene John might create when he them.The needing constant confirmation of my love for him. All the outbursts and anger over trivial things or issues that didn’t exist. I would have to argue for hours how much I loved him and then eventually John would say “I didn’t realize you felt that strongly about me.” that happened several times.

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I received a voicemail back while I was at work that said do not call me, do not email me, I do not care for you anymore, I do not love you anymore, get out of my life. I managed to work the rest of the day and I received an email from him that night and a call the next day. Things were done to me over and over the last ¼ of our relationship that he would not tolerate me doing to him especially the drunk raging mild violence one time.

My wife felt that why she wasnt allowed to feel anger/hurt when I could'nt handle it. I did get the book "stop walking on eggshells for my wife and it helped her alot to understand me.

I have been a borderline since teenager, but only ot diagnosed 3 years ago.

The constant going out with or without me and finding parties to go to at bar closing time was unfair to me especially since I had been cheated on once before and it was blamed on being drunk. I made my protests known about his drinking and the constant smoking pot. Needles to say the drinking and smoking pot just didn’t stop.

After a while I broke up with John as I couldn‘t take it anymore. It is now the middle of August and I had been dumped by John after being raged on at a bar for about an hour.

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