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When he STOPPED going to therapy (and allowed the destructive influences back in his life), that was when the real problems began..this^ Heck, I'm in therapy, and that's a good thing- it speaks well of me that I'm addressing my issues, rather than pretending I have none.Everyone has some problem or another, that's my personal belief.Whether you determine that whatever he is seeking treatment for is something you can live with/deal with is up to you, though.Personally, I would not have agreed to move in with my ex had he NOT been seeing a therapist, knowing what I knew about his mental health issues.

This pattern of an empathetic, generous partner who is linked up with someone who is not is something I often see.

One option is to talk with the person who lacks empathy and teach them about what you experience.

Self-awareness is the first step of change (which is why AA begins with introductions of first name and the statement, “I am an alcoholic”).

Remember that moving from rigidity to adapting and being more flexible is the road to greater mental health. One way for you to adapt to it (if your partner is resistant to change) is to delay sharing instead of giving up on it.

Delay until you feel more able to sustain yourself so that you won’t allow the hurt to be compounded.

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