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From these came the mathemati- cal answer to the record's speed- 45 turns a minute— and to the rec- ord's size, only 6 7 A inches in di- ameter. You've got to pay the price —be willing to study earnestly, thoroughly. As you go along, you absorb the principles of Audit- ing, Cost Accounting, Business Law, Statistical Con- trol, Organization. lour progress is as speedy as you care to make it— depending on your own eagerness to learn and the time you spend in study, Will recognition come? Be- cause the mast is round, it can turn in any direction during sailing.

art wfidins SPECTAi ROOK’ LETS Outi ebem you how to EXTRA MONTY fix in e; nelghbara" Radios |i shop, or a eood’tv Radio-Te Le- v Lsion Refrleing Job. Working only on week ends, boatowners have built the Sabot in about six weeks. Just a little time and effort in sanding and painting are all that is needed to keep your boat in good shape. Sounds differing slightly in frequency and intensity come from a loud- speaker. Phl Pipfin Ft and cuuntrloi; tir the Pa n* Aiflerif’fln Feauil Union, i _vo:ir, gii. When he pumps the pedal with his foot, a steel arm draws the bow across the strings. The subject seeks to tell one from another, recording her judgment electrically by pressing a switch. WINDSOR JR, f Editor and Publisher Volume Number S this month's tover DESPERATE SAILORS are pinning high hopes art that shipboard rocket they are firing in the scene shown on this month's cover. ■- l/iry-Tro4f ■ ar5 , r: S^blllain I In rr I non , vlr-g pr Vhi- ilunl and: I Mniit L" Lin.- rruhl Inlii'r ; ( Im Vi i' |,, F‘i r Hln L -. Toy Motor l % Battery-Operated Powered by two flashlight batteries, a toy electric motor eliminates the need for a transformer and power line. t , MAY 1949 5 SHIFT GEARS onywbjke with a Xt T s as easy as downhill coasting— the smooth shifting you get from a New Departure “"Speed Changer"' on your bike, LOW SPEED for faster getaway * less work on hills, better control in traffic; HIGH SPEED for eating up the miles on level stretches— operates just like the gear shift on a car. La Cro»r- Wisconsin I vruril Oi J' ra-f to nn.[ nm Dfi^erlj'. and up the Snake River to Hell’s Canyon.” Ten days later Shreve wrote us of the tragic sequel: “Kyle Me Grady’s riverboat Florence has broken out of the ice, Mc Grady gave the warming weather a booster with dynamite Saturday, February 19, to break the ice fairly close to his boat. Races are held by the Mal- ibu club over a triangular course in the ocean where space is unlimited, but the longest distance between buoys is only about 300 yards. fj P«a Mith ia(* I , t#i ia — ft j** ■ Euu Tf rrurynl*,1 Vl. Ojilnr H PYROIl E ■p'.r ATi'M PVfr Ol L COMPANY 91 Pyroil Bldg.. The Sabot is so easily maneuvered that it doesn’t require great expanses of water even for racing.

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