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To formularize the strategy: you date M out of N people, reject all of them and immediately settle with the next person who is better than all you have seen so far. As I said earlier, the optimal rule value of M is M = 0.37N. I decide to run a small simulation in R to see if there’s an indication of an optimal value of M.

The set up is simple and the code is as follows: So it seems that with N = 100, the graph does indicate a value of M that would maximize the probability that we find the best partner using our strategy.

So does that mean we should always aim to date at most 3 people and settle on the third? The problem is that this strategy will only maximize the chance of finding the best among these 3 people, which, for some cases, is enough.

You may find more optimism in the fact that as we increase the range of our dating life with N, the optimal probability of finding Mr/Mrs. As long as we stick to our strategy, we can prove a threshold exists below which the optimal probability cannot fall.The first episode revolved around a crossdressing man/trans woman (unclear/conflated in the show) with all the wonderful humour that comes with normative perspectives on gender expression. We all need something to decompress, and pretty much every piece of media we have to consume is problematic in some way. There’s just something insidious and sad about humour and jokes that amplify problematic attitudes and reenforce norms. It is not without it’s faults (there’s a fat-shame-y episode that isn’t great…), but a bunch of it’s humour is around dismantling stereotypes and exploring unique characters and relationships.The second episode centred on a dating service and was no better. The Fool mocks the king and the court, not the peasants. Perfect, The One, X, the candidate whose rank is 1, etc.) We do not know when this person will arrive in our life, but we know for sure that out of the next, pre-determined N people we will see, X will arrive at order O_best = i.Let S(n,k) be the event of success in choosing X among N candidates with our strategy for M = k, that is, exploring and categorically rejecting the first k-1 candidates, then settling with the first person whose rank is better than all you have seen so far. It is obvious that if X is among the first k-1 people who enter our life, then no matter who we choose afterward, we cannot possibly pick X (as we include X in those who we categorically reject).

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