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Right there's no easy way to pitch this so I'm just gonna go ahead: Team High School II is a 14 (or 18 , see below* for details) visual novel concept pitch to basically get more weeaboos playing competitive TF2. If you can impress said girls, you might have a shot at getting to know them better*.You - the protagonist of whichever gender you choose to be - are forced to join a high school that's in the middle of a student council election that's basically a civil war. They're fighting over the dumbest shit like whose ego needs to be apologized for, or if sports competitions are better if there's only 5 rounds. Let's meet some of them now: Froyotech (AKA ) might look short but make no mistake, she's got a tall list of accomplishment.There's two main groups: the New Age (NA) juniors and sophomores, versus the Enrolled and Upstanding (EU) seniors. She's dominated the New Age council for a while now with the rest of her friends, wasting no time on stragglers and pushing ahead to be #1.

If you donate to the Kickstarter, this game gets: Don't believe me? Faint Gaming (AKA ) is kind of a mystery shrouded in a sad backstory.A bit at a loss for words more often than not, she's back from a leave of absence.Comment below which one you'd like todo (you can always change your mind),and make sure you don't forget anythingwhen you post your entry!Deadline is September 1,11 PM EST.────────── ೄྀ࿐ ˊˎ-If you choose this route, you will be re-creating a character from a dating sim I give you using Love Nikki. Rules• After your first reroll, you'll have 2 left.• Use no more than 3 items from the samesuit.• Show proof of all the items you used.

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