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Determined to take his time and make a good choice, he took a tour of Panama geared to retirees who are looking for a new place to call home.The Panamanian government’s retiree benefits programs are considered among the best in the world.The windows are all sliders that I can open, so my whole living room is a terrace. I often find myself spending my time just looking out the window or walking out onto the porch in front of my house to look at the mountains.There’s an amazing range of available housing here, depending on what you’re willing to put up with in terms of native-style living or what you want in modern amenities. You do have to put up with a more primitive infrastructure here. Electricity is not as advanced, so it’s subject to outages much more often than in the US.Panama is friendly to retirees—both locals and foreigners—and the government even has programs geared to seniors. There are many indigenous people from a number of tribes; in fact, the largest indigenous tribe in Central America lives in Western Panama.Restaurants have mandated discounts for people age 55-plus. They wear traditional dress and are dirt poor, but seem happy and not envious. It’s in western Panama in the shadow of the Baru volcano, which at 11,401 feet is the highest point in Panama.

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I volunteer with an animal group, a spay-and-neuter clinic that brings in vets from Costa Rica. I’m also working with the Boquete Community Playhouse doing production and stage managing. There are lots of retired professionals here who used to work in TV and Hollywood, and several with vast amounts of experience.

When I first moved here my neighbors were hikers and birders, and they invited me to go places with them.

Now I have friends from the animal group, and I’m meeting people from the theater group. If you’re interested in something and make that interest known, there’s probably someone or two who will take you or show you.

But many Panamanians don’t speak English, so if want to get to know the community, you need basic Spanish. There are at least one or two Spanish schools and lots of individuals who offer Spanish lessons. You need to understand the culture before making the move.

Our culture in the US is based on book learning, on written history.

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