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Some might argue that one or two once-little-known candidates who overperform low expectations get to enjoy a form of moral victory.

(Ben Carson and Rick Perry might be happy how the 2016 cycle ended, with both taking roles in Trump’s cabinet.

Something has changed; we are living in a scary time in which anti-Semitism is being tolerated.

I cannot comprehend why anyone would be anti-Semitic.

And let’s be clear: The House Democrats’ eventual statement of “condemnation,” led by Nancy Pelosi, was not only insufficient, but it took Democrats ten days and countless meetings just to come up with it. Two more of the most high-profile new Democratic members of Congress have made it a priority to criticize the vital American alliance with Israel.

They had to negotiate with people in their party who objected to a fast and clear condemnation of anti-Semitism in all its forms. Much of the rhetoric in this anti-Israel movement reeks of anti-Semitism.

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Public officials who engage in anti-Semitic behavior, whether in their comments about American Jews or their tropes or their cartoons, should resign or be fired by the voters.

Unfortunately, we saw anti-Semitism and hate rear its ugly head in Florida last year.

I was the first governor in Florida history to make major investments to secure our Jewish day schools after a series of bomb threats.

Democrats should be quick to renounce it and reaffirm the bipartisan commitment to Israel and its people.

It’s no secret that over the years Jewish Americans have tended to lean more Democratic than Republican. The inability of the national Democratic party to take a strong, declarative, and unequivocal stand against anti-Semitism will cost the party dearly, and not only with Jewish voters.

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