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“There were a lot of trail drives out of Texas into Montana and other areas,” Hagemeier says.

“When barbed wire was put up, it cut off the routes of the trail drivers.

The market for wire was driven by the new demand for fencing.

Railroads needed to secure their newly laid right-of-ways (the last spike was driven in the transcontinental railroad in 1869), while ranchers were compelled to keep their livestock within property lines rather than letting them graze on the open range, which was increasingly being converted to farmland.

“There was a lot of resentment to barbed wire when it first came out,” says Harold L. The ranchers sent out special crews to cut the fences and burn the posts, whatever was necessary.

Hagemeier, whose “Barbed Wire Identification Encyclopedia” is the hobby’s official guide. That went on for maybe 10 years, probably not even that long.

Shelves are partially visible on the left side of the photo.In turn-of-the-century South Africa, five-strand fences were linked to blockhouses sheltering British troops from the encroachment of Boer commandos.During World War I, barbed wire was used as a military weapon.The days of the 'open plain' and the 'long drive' were coming to an end in West Texas" (p. More information about this photograph can be viewed below.Marfa gained a public library in 1947 with the current building donated in 1973.

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