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-- Does this person seem to rely on alcohol or drugs?

An active addict (one who is still using) will ALWAYS put the addiction ahead of everything else.

Read these 10 Dating and Romance Tips tips to make your life smarter, better, faster and wiser.

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-- A good way to get to know someone is to accomplish something together -- climbing a mountain, baking cookies, doing volunteer work, helping put on an event.

-- Don't try to surprise your date until you know his or her tastes.

Try to spend time together afterward, and discuss what you've seen.

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Ask yourself these questions to start: -- Am I too young for a relationship?

-- Have I met my partner's friends, roommates, or family? If your partner's anger is out of control, doesn't seem to subside, or if you're somehow the one apologizing every time, there's a pattern of control going on.

You don't need to have dinner at Mom's every Sunday, but someone who doesn't seem to have any social contacts may be married and cheating, or may be isolating you from people who know his or her real story. -- Does this person seem to be making the relationship a priority? Or you may be dating a "player" who is concealing other loves.

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