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And when you're on that channel, in that state of love, more love flows into your life. It will dial up the amount of self-love that you experience in your life. And if you enjoyed this article, please share it with someone that you love.

So to help you in dialing up the amount of self-love that you have - because we all know that we need self-love in order to attract a great relationship but how do we actually grow deep in the level of love that we have for ourselves - to help you do that I've actually added a great video resource for you below.

So, how can you be nicer to yourself in the privacy of your own mind?

Here's what's cool - as you dial up the practice of self-love in your life, you put yourself more on that channel of love. Of these five ways that men treat women they love, which one of these could you dial up for yourself, which if you practice more it would make a difference in your life?

But here's the deal - if you want more of that in your life, the question is how well do you practice that in your life?

Those are five of the ways that men treat women they love.

They said they loved you but they wouldn't show up to important events that really matter to you.

They aren't there when it really matters and so it can become really confusing.

"." Whether you go out for coffee or to dinner the experience of a date allows you to become familiar with the object of your affections by witnessing their actions and reactions to you in a public setting for example if you are dining at a restaurant and you notice how kind and polite your date is to the server,they have demonstrating good manners.

However if your date unnecessarily rude to the server he/she might have anger management issues.

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