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The state of Michigan even went as far as prohibiting height discrimination.There have even been cases of lawsuits based on heightism.The question is, how can you find that perfect fit? The first thing you can do is to search for stores and find ones whose sizes fit you best off-the-rack.Once you've done that – take it to a tailor and have it made to fit you properly.Believe it or not – promotions are hard to come by for short men.A research paper from 2004 published in the Journal of Applied Psychology showed that height is strongly related to success for men.Know how to dress for your body, take care of your body and love yourself for who you are – the world will notice that.

Do you have great taste in his face so far above your own that you can't get a good look at it?

A 2002 lawsuit showed that highly qualified applicants were turned down for jobs because they were considered to be too short.

A 2005 case against the car company Volvo is also famous for an example of denying people jobs based on their height.

Be the first one to come in and the last one to leave. This includes Jeff Bezos, currently the richest person on Earth. Muggsy Bogues was a 5'3″ NBA player and Spud Webb was a 5'7 winner in a dunk competition in the NBA.

If you work harder than everyone else in your department – there is absolutely no reason for you to be ignored. Plain and simple – make sure your superiors know your ambitions and that you're willing to work hard for it. As you can see, if you embrace your height and if you are willing to work hard for something – you can, without a doubt, achieve success.

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