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So if water can pass through wood why not hot water laden with silica and other minerals. Do you know that low grade coal material can be formed in weeks as well? They stated in the article that"the fact that water plays a role could wreak havoc on established ideas about oil formation.

  The results suggest that oil can mature much faster than previously thought.

PETRIFIED WOOD Battelle Memorial Institute in Columbus Ohio is a world class research and development company.

In July of 2005 they announced through their internal Battelle World magazine that they had available for licensing a process to make a form of petrified wood.

They were analyzed to determine how much silification had taken place.   It turned out to be they could only simulate oil formation in the lab if they added HOT WATER to the system. As water molecules become hotter they become less polar and are more likely to interact with non-polar organic molecules.  At 360C, water acts like the organic solvent acetone.This new type of ceramic could be made from natural biological material, which is cheap and renewable and easy to form.As explained in their article the process involved soaking wood in acid infused with either titanium or silicon and baked in an argon filled furnace. The original cellulose structure of the wood acts as a template.In the natural world we would expect then that wood in a hot silicon rich liquid and deprived of oxygen would form petrified wood over some period of time. Progress at the Isotrace Radiocarbon Facility, Radiocarbon 28, (1992), cit.What happens when wood is immersed in mineral rich hot springs over time such as in a Yellowstone Hot Springs ? AMS sample handling in Croningen." Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B, 123, (1997) p. OIL FORMATION: Where does oil come from and how is it formed? Dead organic marine organisms sink to the seafloor.

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